33' Ten-Section Fiberglass Rod Wire Cable Fishing Push-Pull Kit Ceiling Wall Floor


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<body><title>Description Document</title> <ul> <li>Professional-grade tool for accessing wires and cables in ceiling, wall, under floorboards or in trunking cavities</li> <li>Ten semi-rigid fiberglass rods (.16in diameter) can be used to push or pull. Each one-meter (39") length, just 1/4" clearance required. Rods can be used individually or threaded together for desired length, multiple kits strung together for extra-long jobs</li> <li>Each rod has male &amp; female threaded ends with non-rust, non-magnetic solid brass compression fittings. Individual rod weight about 1 oz.</li> <li>Includes 4" PVC flex extension for tight turns, corners, threaded hook for pulling and ring end for pushing</li> <li>Use for electrical, audio/visual, phone, televison, satellite/cable wires, cables and cords</li> </ul> <p> </p> </body>

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