Clear Erase™ Highest Quality Dry Erase Wall Treatment Coating 200 SF Coverage Commercial Grade

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ClearErase™ is a dry erase clear coat that can be seamlessly applied to interior spaces as easily as traditional paint. ClearErase™ turns any existing wall, in any color, into a durable and cleanable surface resistant to scribbles, common marks and daily wear. Waterbased, low odor and low VOC – ClearErase™ is an environmentally smart solution for any commercial interior in need of a seamless dry erase workspace. Our easy-to-follow instructions make application a snap. Simply mix, stir and roll like traditional paint. KIT CONTENTS Part #1 / Part #2 / ClearErase™ Surface Conditioner APPLICATION The uses for ClearErase™ are endless. ClearErase™ is being specified inside of buildings ranging from healthcare and institutional to corporate and commercial spaces. Today’s top professionals are using ClearErase™ to enhance conference rooms and meeting spaces, and to expand small white boards into room-sized creative spaces. SURFACE PREPARATION The surface should be clean, dry, and free of grease, mildew, dust, and any chemical residue. Since ClearErase™ is a high-gloss clear coat it will highlight any imperfections, so take the necessary steps to ensure a smooth surface prior to application. OPEN TIME - SHELF LIFE One hour open time / 6 month shelf life if unopened and properly stored. CURE TIME 5 days for a full cure. Use Surface Condition after full cure. ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE Choose ClearErase with a clear conscience. Knowing that our low odor, low VOC formula makes installation clean, easy and most importantly, environmentally friendly with less than 50 grams of VOCs per liter, ClearErase stands above the competition and well below all environmental requirements for indoor air quality. Specify ClearErase and see for yourself. DRY ERASE MARKERS Use any standard dry erase markers. For example - Expo® brand Low Odor dry erase marker. Test all markers in an inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility.