Intereum Executive Task Chair, Multi-Function Control Seat Slider, Front Pitch, Locking Back w/ adjustable T-Arms.

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Brand Intereum

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• Seat a. 6 months of development, experimenting with thickness, density, and contours. b. 4” thick seat c. Pressed contour saddle shape d. Density works for people of all sizes e. Adjustable between 5 and 7 degrees: rather than pre-set angles for added comfort • Back Support a. Lower lumbar support, when done correctly, supports the entire back. b. Does not push user forward or out of the chair. c. Provides support for spine, upper back, and shoulders. d. Breathable and durable mesh back with a slight ‘give’ • Arms a. It’s important for the arms on a chair to prevent fatigue for the arm and wrist, and not cause discomfort in the shoulder blades. b. Adjustable arm height: up/down button and forward/back adjustment, and in/out adjustment for width c. Chair arms sit towards back of chair, allowing the user to work closely to their work surface without obstruction. d. Chair arms are flat and wide, allowing you to work with a mouse in any position without obstruction. e. Steel interior: to support varying weights Syncho-Tilt Control a. Ergonomic comfort and support that allows you to keep your feet and back in the right angle to view a computer screen, even when you lean back in your chair. Multi-Function a. Similar to the Syncho-Tilt, you receive ergonomic comfort with the addition of multiple settings for individuals who need slightly more individualized support.

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