SnakeWrap – 4 Pack Multi-Purpose Cushioning- Wrap any shape - no adhesives needed


SnakeWrap is easy to use, just wrap it around any shape or size and it will firmly attaches itself with snake like constriction providing foam protection. No tape or glue! Use for dock posts, roll bars, shelving, scaffolding, garage, ATV’s, bikes, motorcycles, farm, cabin, boats, indoors & outdoors the uses are endless. Each SnakeWrap is 25” long and wall thickness is 5/8”. It can be wrapped around any shaped object. The center hole is 1”. If you were to wrap a 1” bar it would cover 25” in distance. The bigger the object wrapped the shorter the distance it will cover. Multiple foam wrap can be used end to end to cover any distance necessary. Can be cut with common kitchen knife. Colors may differ slightly in color from how you see them because of your screen.