SnakeWrap Heavy Duty – 3 Pack Multi-Purpose Foam Rubber Cushioning for High Wear, High Impact Use. No Adhesive or Glue Required

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SnakeWrap Heavy Duty Foam Rubber is ideal for high impact, high wear applications. Just wrap it around any shape or size and it will firmly attach itself with snake like constriction providing a durable foam rubber barrier. Great for HVAC. No tape or glue is needed! Use for dock posts, roll bars, shelving, scaffolding, garage, garage pole car door padding, ATV’s, bikes, motorcycles, farm, cabin, boats, indoors & outdoors. Anywhere you need a durable padding that lasts. Each SnakeWrap Heavy Duty Foam Rubber piece is 26 inches long and wall thickness of .450". It can be wrapped around any shaped object. The center hole is .875". If you were to wrap a .875” bar it would cover 26” in distance. The bigger the object wrapped the shorter the distance it will cover. Multiple Foam wraps can be used end to end to cover any distance necessary. Can be cut with common kitchen knife.

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